Data Security

We take your data's security very seriously

We are an ISO 27001 certified organisation.

We have a complete ‘Security Program’ designed and implemented in-house for Tangish.

The security program has been designed keeping in mind the latest available stable technologies.

It incorporates extensive processes to ensure each module meets security standards from the design, coding, implementation and tracking (logs) stage.

There are processes implemented to ensure that any variances are identified and rectified immediately and shared on a priority basis with all the stakeholders, including our clients.

We conduct penetration tests on a regular basis for the application via external vendors. We have third party network intelligence vendor for web application vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. As per testing report we our secured from “OWASP TOP TEN 2013” standard during black and grey box assessment.

We are now an ISO 27001 certified organisation which ensures that there are organisation level checks like background checks, process implementation, disaster management plans, surprise audits etc. all identified and audited by an external vendor.

The whole development environment is under CCTV monitoring and also, there is a complete logging mechanism in place which tracks all activity on all computers at all times.

All data on the local hard drives is encrypted and can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

We conduct application security trainings on a regular basis to ensure that the staff is trained and up-to-date with the security processes.

We have BCP plans in place to ensure you never loose your data.

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