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Plan, track & align your work, communication and teams. Tangish fits your needs and grows in it's ability as your team(s) and projects grow. For individuals to large organisations; to help you accomplish your goals.

01 Infinite Levels

Organize your work into a folder like logical structure and divide it into categories and further into actionable tasks to focus on the details.
This ensures you get a bird's eye perspective of all the ongoing work and allows you to dive into details in a few clicks. Plus, everything is logically and contectually organized which further powers you and your team to achive more.

02 Reusable Intellectual Property

Imagine a scenario where all your communication and files are logically organized in a folder like structure.
Transferring information to a new team member is achived in seconds vis-a-vis doing knowledge transfer via transfer of files, on-boarding sessions, access to emails, documents etc. As all information is shared in logical task structures, it leads to automatic creation of repositories which have all information, including files, which are logically organized.

03 Process Implementation

Tangish makes it possible to create processes on the fly and implement them across teams and geographies in a few clicks.
Changing processes is as simple as making an edit and takes seconds. It is as simple as creating custom streams of tasks and sub-tasks, saving them as templates and then sharing them with your team members working on various processes across departments. Applicable for all departments (HR, operations, technology, sales, marketing, finance or administration etc.) and industries (Freelancing, consulting, banking, insurance, startups, real estate, manufacturing, travel, health, hospitality etc.)

04 Interactive Dashboards & Filters

Would you want to sit across a table and know what is due today, assigned to a particular person, of high priority and still open? It's a couple of clicks.
Multiple interactive dashboards ensure that you can focus on the critical aspects of your business. Advanced filters enable you to identify tasks & projects that you want to view with a laser focus. Of course, you get summary reports as well.


What they are saying...


Our engagement with Tangish started in October 2018. We found the Tangish team to be extremely responsive and well structured. They are great to work with and we wish to maintain our long term association.

Dr. Ramesh Khare
GM, PNB Metlife

It's a great solution to save time, and for us time is money. We have cut down the email usage drastically and the work is much smoother now.

Monica Dubey

Hotel industry has always been crippled by the fact that a lot of coordination needs to happen with the client and for us each and every detail is equally important. Keeping a track of phone calls, messages, meetings, emails, spreadsheets etc. is a very stressful and hectic job. Tangish is a one stop solution for all the mess.

Vardan Saxena
GM, India

Tangish allows us to communicate with our resources while keeping our management at root level, sub-root level to see all the activities happening in the project from the beginning.

Senior Engineer, India

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