Auto creation of re-usable knowledge base via
nested infinite level task structure

# Communication & files are fully organized for ALL employees

# New team members get access to logically organised information

# Referenceable projects which help you avoid reinventing the wheel

Why reinvent the wheel each time?


Imagine the power of a re-usable knowledge base for your organisation with all information completely organised, accessible and re-usable.

No extra effort required

Tangish’s intuitive nested-folder-like infinite level structure ensures all information automatically gets organised as your team collaborates and communicates.

The risk of the organisation drastically reduces. No hunting for emails, files or information.

Knowledge repository of all Employees

Instead of a cluttered email inbox and a set of jumbled folders, employees create a logical knowledge repository as they communicate and collaborate. Access to everything at your fingertips. The clarity and peace of mind in itself can rejuvenate your teams.

Drastically reduce on-boarding time for new Team Members

Instead of on-boarding sessions, now you can give access to the logically organised folders - with files and communication organised. New team members easily understand this and can always approach for doubts.

Referenceable information which can be re-used

All the above information was lying waste in emails and backups. For any new similar projects, you can easily access the archives and ensure you start from where you ended the last project(s).

Enterprise Solutions
For SME’s, startups, NGO’s to 5000+ strong companies

Tangish adapts to your organisation size, style of working and type of work.

We have the highest available data standards and have cleared the security requirements of global insurance firms, renowned global consulting organisations and financial institutions.

From implementing processes, to sharing files across a host of departments, we have multiple use cases. See Use Cases

See Use Cases
Data Security

Military grade data encryption standards. Read more.

Large Enterprises

We have on-premise and private cloud solutions for organisations

Data Policy

Your data belongs to you. Terms and conditions apply.


What they are saying...


Our engagement with Tangish started in October 2018. We found the Tangish team to be extremely responsive and well structured. They are great to work with and we wish to maintain our long term association.

Dr. Ramesh Khare
GM, PNB Metlife

It's a great solution to save time, and for us time is money. We have cut down the email usage drastically and the work is much smoother now.

Monica Dubey

Hotel industry has always been crippled by the fact that a lot of coordination needs to happen with the client and for us each and every detail is equally important. Keeping a track of phone calls, messages, meetings, emails, spreadsheets etc. is a very stressful and hectic job. Tangish is a one stop solution for all the mess.

Vardan Saxena
GM, India

Tangish allows us to communicate with our resources while keeping our management at root level, sub-root level to see all the activities happening in the project from the beginning.

Senior Engineer, India

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