Amazing collaboration
via goal based approach

Drive projects with Goals, Milestones, learnings
via scrum boards, nudge’s and a host of other features.
Manage growth with speed and at SCALE.

Enabling teams to achieve together

Changing the point of view of your team can give your team a massive advantage.

Goal and milestone
driven approach

Give your team clarity on:

# Why they are doing something?

# What are the milestones & their due dates?

# Health of the project.

Collaborate and

Access to scrum boards, without compromising on task privacy, with all members of the project across extended teams (internal and external) leads to clear communication and alignment.

Flexibility to fit
each individual’s work

Create nested-folder-like task structures which allows you to:

# Plan

# Gather the team

# Link tasks with Projects to track

Tangish gives meaning to each team member’s work. It helps our teams understand how each task affects the milestones of the projects and how their work matters towards organisation and project goals. It’s brilliant.

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Use the power of clear contextual communication to
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