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These are the building blocks. Create your first task by simply filling in details.


Create sub-tasks upto infinite levels to logically categorise your work and break it into smaller action items.


Simply add the email address of your team members - even if they are not registered, they will be added and will receive an email.


Create on-going projects which you are working on. Tasks can be added to these projects and team members on those tasks automatically get added.


Add goals, milestones and due dates for each project. This aligns the team to the goals and provides visbility and focus to the members.

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Work from anywhere, anytime and any device. Tangish stays in sync across all of your devices.


Happy customers

Our engagement with Tangish started in October 2018. We found the Tangish team to be extremely responsive and well structured. They are great to work with and we wish to maintain our long term association.

Dr. Ramesh Khare
GM, India

It’s a great solution to save time, and for us time is money. We have cut down the email usage drastically and the work is much smoother now.

Monica Dubey
HR, India

Hotel industry has always been crippled by the fact that a lot of coordination needs to happen with the client and for us each and every detail is equally important. Keeping a track of phone calls, messages, meetings, emails, spreadsheets etc. is a very stressful and hectic job. Tangish is a one stop solution for all the mess.

Vardan Saxena
GM, India

Tangish allows us to communicate with our resources while keeping our management at root level, sub-root level to see all the activities happening in the project from the beginning.

Senior Engineer, India

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