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Re-usable IP creation

Auto creation of re-usable knowledge base via nested infinite level task structure

  • # Communication & files are fully organized for ALL employees
  • # New team members get access to logically organised information
  • # Referenceable projects which help you avoid reinventing the wheel
  • # Drastic reduction of RISK Explore More
Infinite level nested task structure

Tangish’s intuitive nested-folder-like infinite level structure ensures all information automatically gets organised as your team collaborates and communicates.

The risk of the organisation drastically reduces. No hunting for emails, files or information.
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Collaboration at SCALE

A unique patent filed infinite level task structure creates logical repositories and audit trails of all communication and files. This drastically reduces on-boarding time of new team members while creating referenceable and re-usable IP capital for the organisation.
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Repository of data

Instead of a cluttered email inbox and a set of jumbled folders, employees create a logical knowledge repository as they communicate and collaborate. Access to everything at your fingertips. The clarity and peace of mind in itself can rejuvenate your teams.
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Goal driven projects

Align your team by giving them visibility on:

  • # Why they are doing something? The Goals.
  • # What are the milestones & their due dates?
  • # Health of the project.
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Give specific milestones with due dates for the projects. This gives focus to the team and visibility on the progress made. Also, helps in understanding the health of a project.
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Collaboration across teams

Internal and, even, external teams come together to achieve goals. Tangish allows you to bring them together in the same platform. Multiple departments, via their task structures come together as part of a project group and have access to the project scrum board. Amazing way to coordinate with internal and, even, external teams.
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External / guest users

Just add the email address of your external users / guests like any regular user. It doesn't matter if the external team members have access on Tangish or not! They get emails, they reply to emails and everything gets tracked in the tasks. Including attachments. And, in any case, Tangish's free plan allows them to be a part of the group in a seamless way!
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Email intergrations

You can choose when you want to be notified on emails in the settings section. These emails are sent to every user, internal or external when their is any activity on a particular task. You can even reply to these emails and add attachments (upto 10 MB) and they will be captured in the task as a reply.
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File sharing

A complete file management system which builds up as you communicate and collaborate. Share files at each task level. All users get access to the files and all files get AUTOMATICALLY organised. These can be referenced at any point in time. You also get these files in email notifications and can attach files by just sending emails.

Customized templates

Create logical task structures and save them as templates. Next time, for the same process, just create a task structure by choosing a template while creating a task. These templates can be shared with your teams and act as a way of implementing processes. You can always save a new template if there is any change in the process.
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Automated business process mangement

Create templates for any process - HR Onboarding, Technology Development, Customer Service, Sales, Finance, Marketing, SEO Campaigns, Evaluating Startups as VC's, Due Diligence etc. Save them, share them and if there is a change, just save a new template and share. It now takes minutes to implement processes.
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Interactive dashboards

Our multiple dashboards can be accessed easily and are placed at strategic places to ensure you can easily throw a spotlight on details. These dashboards are interactive: you can apply filters, click on specific results to dive into details and a lot more. Intuitive, easy and incisive.
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Set Planned expenses and add the Actual expenses in a project. This is a simple functionality and keeps track at a high level of the budgets. This can be viewed by every project member and sends a clear signal about the costs involved and gives them a feeler before they ask for more resources.
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Project learnings

This is an important feature in projects. This ensures shared learnings are accessible to the project members and forms a part of a collective group feedback mechanism. There is individual commendations which can be given from one user to the other.
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Time tracking

A personal time tracker is available in each task for better personal management and time collaboration apart from ensuring everyone in the task knows about the time being spent. A self development tool to track one's own activities. Explore More

Admin panel

Tangish has an advanced Admin Panel where you can add other admins, control complete user lifecycle. You can add, delete and disable accounts, choose plans, manage storage capacity and see an overall picture of the organisation usage metrics via one control system. This ensures you have complete control of data as well.
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  • 1. Google: Signup. No need to register, just use your google credentials.
  • 2. Active Directory: Provided on request.
  • 3. Okta: Provided on request.
  • 4. Any other integration: available on request.
  • See latest integrations list or Contact> usfor more information.
Data Security

We have clients from insurance, investment and consulting industries with some very renowned global brand names. We had no option and therefore, we decided to go all the way. You get Military Grade Data Encryption standards. No one will ever see your data unless the Government comes into play. Even then, we will inform you before any such far fetched scenario, if it, occurs. See our Data Policy and Data Securitystandards list. Oh, and we are also ISO 27001 certified.

Hosting options

We have four options:

  • 1. Cloud: Available on Tangish.com with a lifetime free user plan.
  • 2. Private Cloud: We either do it for a minimum account size or for extra charge.
  • 3. On-Premise: We have done this multiple times and do it for a minimum account size or extra charge. And we can easily clear all your security protocols.
  • 4. Hybrid
  • View hosting options or drop us a message.

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